Peter Coeckelbergh

Creative generalist. Innovative, though very analytical out of the box thinker. Strong believer of "Value Driven Management".

Proven record as national and international executive director. 10 years of experience as Performance Developer and Executive Trainer & Coach specialised in Marketing & Sales. Fluent in Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish.

Available on free lance basis to facilitate development of insights and performance that allows you to grow your marketing, slaes and business in a profitable way.

Insights for us means understanding
what is beyond the obvious

Mission & Vision

Over the last 10 years Peter developed thorough insights in value-thinking and how value-thinking at all levels of all types of companies can deliver better financial results. Being a strong believer of customer centric approach he used the numerous consultancy projects with customers in a wide area of industries to develop approaches and methods that helped to facilitate value thinking and customer centred attitude.

His mission is to spread these insights to small, medium sized and even larger companies through long term relationships and projects situated in marketing & sales development as well as sales training & coaching with these companies.

Our motto

We prefer scuba diving to snorkling. We believe that the secret lies in gaining togheter with you “deeper insight” in your business, your customers, in what you do and how you do it. Insights for us means “understanding what is beyond the obvious”. In our business content is more important that packaging.